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Is it true that we have a goal in common – a satisfied patient?
What prevents us from achieving this goal?

Chaos in managing information

An order for the dental technician's lab can be placed by phone, by email or simply by submitting a note on a piece of paper. In almost all cases, crucial information about the patient is missing. An order is taken down and registered haphazardly, without giving too much thought to what information might be needed or where this information should be saved.

Chaos in managing the work of the dental clinic

Poor management of work at the dental clinic chips away at team morale and satisfaction and increases the risk of error and anxiety, which can quickly come to have a negative effect on both the patients and the treatment process.

Low productivity of the dental clinic

When the task of planning a patient’s treatment falls to each individual dentist working at the clinic with no general system to keep workflow in line, you get a different result every time. Working with a poorly optimised system means less effectiveness during treatment and potentially lost income.

How can Trinyte Clinic help address this problem?

A unique work protocol for the dental clinic

Automatised treatment plans

Monitoring of the dental clinic’s productivity

Versatile Way To Generate Patient's Card

Enter all the information necessary for the production of high-quality prosthesis in the electronic patient's card.

Versatile Way To Place An Order With A DT

Enter step-by-step information about the formula, structure, colour of the prosthesis and the patient's expectations, diagnosis, images in the electronic patient's card

Automatically create a patient treatment plan.

After assessing the condition of the patient’s jawbone, the system automatically selects the dental clinic’s specialists and, taking into account their work schedule, attributes specific dates based on the patient’s treatment plan.

Find Patients' Information In One Place

You can share information about the order directly in the patient's card. All agreements, changes, images, files, other information are included in the specific patient's electronic card.

Plan the work schedule of dental assistants and dental chair occupancy.

Easily and conveniently plan the work schedule of dental assistants and dental chair occupancy for a selected period of time, irrespective of number of dentists, in order to reduce downtime to a minimum.

Planning every patient order with the same effectiveness is normal.

With Trinyte software, dates for every order will be planned not based on an individual dentist’s competence or understanding, but based on automatic algorithmic calculations and the actual workload and possibilities of the specialists working at the dental clinic.

Preventing unnecessary downtime for dental assistants and dental chairs is normal.

With Trinyte you will easily be able to track assistant scheduling and chair occupancy and to view who is busy and who still has an opening. This will allow you to distribute the workload for optimum efficiency and reduce downtime to a minimum.

For a dental clinic, working effectively, productively and profitably is normal.

Using Trinyte, not only will you always be able to monitor the workload and productivity of your employees, you will be able to assess their profitability as well – this will allow you to make positive decisions.

Effectively managing the work of a dental clinic is a pleasure.

With Trinyte you can easily and automatically manage the process of creating treatment plans for patients, so you will be able to simply enjoy applying yourself to your principal duties and to developing as a professional.


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