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Is it true that we have a goal in common – a satisfied patient?
What prevents us from achieving this goal?

Chaos in managing information

An order for the dental technician's lab can be placed by phone, by email or simply by submitting a note on a piece of paper. In almost all cases, crucial information about the patient is missing. An order is taken down and registered haphazardly, without giving too much thought to what information might be needed or where this information should be saved.

Chaos in the dental technician's lab

Chaotically and inconsistently planned incoming orders can make a mess of a dental lab’s resources, resulting in a backlog. Nobody knows when any given stage of an order will be complete. More employees might be hired than needed, putting an even greater strain on the dental lab’s resources.

Low productivity of the dental lab

By not planning incoming orders and covering unforeseen production costs out of its own pocket, a dental lab can use up more resources than it can afford to, leading to a drop in productivity, decreased effectiveness and lower profitability in general.

How can Trinyte Lab help address this problem?

A unique work protocol for the dental lab

Automatised treatment plans

Lab productivity tracking

Find information about the patient and the prosthesis in one place.

View all the data you need to make a quality prosthesis on the patient’s electronic card: the exact formula and structure of the prosthesis, the patient’s expectations, diagnosis, images and prosthesis colour.

Keep Promises In One Place

You can share information about the order directly in the patient's card. All agreements, changes, images, files, other information are included in the specific patient's electronic card.

Plan The Order – Deadlines, Tasks And Duration – Automatically

Automatic planning of deadlines for prosthesis production, ensuring most efficient and productive execution. The calendar gives clear agenda for each day.

Follow Calendars Of Your Team Members

Distribute (automatically/manually) orders or different stages among all dental technicians in the lab

Forecast/Track Profitability Of Your Lab

View automatically generated cost and income statement of the lab. Monitor your own productivity, profitability, efficiency and that of other employees

Antanas Z., Dental technician

Baltijos odontologijos centras

“My colleagues have already said it best. I wouldn't protest a single point. I believe that the most important pros of using Trinyte software are the fact that we can draw up a clear plan for the day or week and keep track of the lab’s general workload instead of having to deal with work boxes scattered around the lab, there is less tension, communication with the specialists who place the orders is much better, and work gets done with time to spare – all of this allows us to increase the profitability of the dental lab and clinic. For those colleagues who still get stuck, we set a longer time frame for each stage – this reduces tension and fewer mistakes get made. Of course, this also improves our technicians’ discipline.”

It feels good to produce prosthesis

Per Trinyte lengva gauti pilną informaciją apie pacientą, protezo tipą, konstrukciją, spalvą, paciento lūkesčius, diagnozę, nuotraukas ir kitą būtiną informaciją aiškiai gamybos realizacijai

It is normal practice for a dental technician to work in an effective, productive and profitable manner

With Trinyte, you will monitor your own workload, productivity, profitability and that of your employees, which will help making positive decisions.

It feels good being a dental technician

With Trinyte, you will easily manage organisational processes of prosthesis production and enjoy your daily tasks and improvement.

It is normal practice to deliver prosthesis on time

Trinyte gives realistic deadlines for prosthesis production. You will have normal working days and weeks and enough time for professional growth and leisure activities.


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